Exxxtra Small Elizabeth Bentley in Special Delivery

Dick was surfing the internet and found himself on a lifelike doll site. He instantly ordered the Elizabeth Bentley model! When it arrived he was amazed at how lifelike it was. He was pretty impressed. It even felt like real skin, soft to the touch and had a warmth t it. He took it out of the box and made sure there were no issues.


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He turned her on and laid her on the bed. He felt it up and opened it’s mouth and started to get a blowjob right there. They must have added a suction to it because it was really working that cock. After awhile the doll almost seemed to come alive. It was like fucking magic!

Instead of being a doll and not moving it started stroking his cock and moaning! Then it turned over by itself and begged him to fuck her. This doll was fucking amazing and it really went above and beyond expectations, especially when it was getting its face gooey with warm cum!

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